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 Surinam Maroon Art 

Surinam Maroon Art, SuMaArt is a wood carving art with symbols. These symbols were created by the Maroons from the Republic Suriname, a former Dutch colony. Republic Suriname is on the northeast region from South -America, with in the north the Atlantic ocean, the west Guyana, the east  French Guiana and in the south Brazil.

SuMaArt is a new concept on art, it is flattering to the Eyes and also feeds the Soul and the Spirit.

SuMaArt is Unique, Exotic, Beautiful, Durable,Timeless,Tangible, Memorable, etc. It is not only Decorative but also Functional.

SuMaArt can be used as a gift of love (the paddles), to make a statement, as encouragement, as affirmation etc. It makes an excellent personalized or promotional gift that, will make a lasting impression. ​, 


"Art that speaks without talking"

"A beauty to the eyes and a delight for the spirit"