​​"Art that speaks without talking."​​


Welcome to Surinam Designz, Inc.

 About Us:

“Suriname” is a country in South America. The country where the Suriname Maroon Art originates. The company's name, Surinam Designz, Inc. is derived from the country's name. The president and CEO was born and raised in Suriname and lived over twenty years in the Netherlands before moving to the United States. Positive reactions from her friends about Maroon art gifts gave her the idea to sell this art.  As this art is created by the Maroons from Suriname, it is branded as "SuMaArt" (Surinam Maroon Art).

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to get SuMaArt to a broad population of people by educating them about the symbols. We will also engage customers that aren't interested in the art but rather the symbols and their meaning by creating useful articles such as t-shirts, mugs, etc. 

Our Vision:

The mission of Surinam Designz, Inc. is to introduce this unique, eye-catching art to a broader public and secure a place in the market, in return bringing awareness to Suriname the country.


Our primary product is the wood carving art with Maroon symbols, created by the Suriname Maroons. Embroidered Maroon textile is our second product. We also create t-shirts, greeting cards, mugs, wall decorations and other personalized items, etc. with the symbol(s) of your choice.  Maroon symbols can be placed on almost any surface. 


- We strive to sell the SuMaArt and related products online.
- We provide lectures about SuMaArt, the rich culture, and fascinating history of the Suriname Maroons, and Suriname.
- We take part in art and cultural activities if requested.