About Us:

​​I am OrlifiaWijngaarden, the president and CEO from Surinam Designz, Inc.

​I was was born and raised in Republic Suriname a former colony from the Netherlands. I lived over 20 years before moving to the United States. after a visit to Republic Suriname I brought my friends as souvenirs, woodcarving art with symbols from the Surinamese Maroons. Their positive response about the art brought me to the idea to start a business. 

"SuMaArt" (Surinam Maroon Art) became the brand.

Our mission:

Our Mission is to bring this Surinam Maroon Art to a broader public and secure a place in the arena of art.


Product information:

Woodcarving art:

Customers can purchase items with a variety of symbols. One can also order products with symbols of their choice. The turn around time varies between 2-4 months, depending on the size and complexity of the symbols. The production of custom items will start after 50% of the total amount is received. Delivery will take place after the total payment is received.


One can only order what is online.


Selected symbols can be placed on t-shirts, mugs, caps etc.

Shipping & refund policy:       

We ship within 3-5 business days.

To ensure customer satisfaction, we offer refund or replacement, if the product is returned within 7 days after it was received.          The shipping cost will not be refunded.

Custom made products can't be returned. 

-Upon request we take part in art and cultural activities.